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Discovery Zone, Luxembourg City Film Festival


With 11,000 visitors attending the festival's second edition, Discovery Zone, Luxembourg City Film Festival, is now the leading film event in Luxembourg.


The 2013 festival will retain the main ingredients responsible for its success in 2011 and 2012: an official selection that draws on the very best in national and international cinema and a selection of high quality documentaries. Next to the Critic’s Prize, for the first time an international jury will award the Discovery Grand Prix.


At the heart of the event is the programme for young audiences which will offers a variety of workshops and screenings attended by film professionals, actors and directors.


In addition to its primary missions of promoting national and international cinema and raising awareness among young audiences, Discovery Zone aims to reach as many people as possible. The festival hopes to target the larger audience, beyond the film buffs, through a variety of special events and partnerships



28th February to 8th March 2013: Discover a selection of some fifty films, all unique and original in theme, style or origin, reflecting the latest developments in film making!


New premieres, new workshops, new contributors, new audiences... The young audience programme, which previously targeted the age group of 6 to 18, will now be extended to 3-18 year olds.


The venues for the 2013 festival will be the Cinémathèque, the Ciné Utopia and the multiplex Utopolis. The “Ratskeller” at the Cerclé Cite in the heart of the city will host the festival's headquarters featuring exhibitions, public meetings, events and workshops.


Discovery Zone will again break out of the cinemas and offer different perspectives on the world of film, in partnership with various cultural institutions.



The entire Luxembourg audiovisual world is on board: with a common aim to make the Festival a big success

The Ministry of Culture (Centre national de l’audiovisuel), the City of Luxembourg (Cinémathèque), the UTOPIA group, Film Fund Luxembourg and the three associations of film professionals, the LARS (directors and screenwriters) the ULPA (producers) and the ALTA (technicians). 



Have a great festival in 2013 !


Le gouvernement du Grand Duché du Luxembourg Ville de Luxembourg Centre National de l'Audiovisuel Cinematheque Utopia Utopolis Film Fund Luxembourg Orange BGL