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Fiction made in/with Luxembourg

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Au bonheur des ogres

By : Nicolas Bary

With : Raphaël Personnaz, Bérénice Béjo, Emir Kusturica, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Thierry Neuvic, Mélanie Bernier, Dean Constantin, Marius Yelolo, et la participation exceptionnelle d’Isabelle Huppert.

Country/Year : France / Luxembourg / Belgique, 2012

Duration : 100'

Language/Age : Vo française / Original French version / Französiche Originalfassung

Genre : Comedy

Screenings :

Friday 08 March 2013, 19H00

Venues :

Utopolis (public)

Synopsis :

In the Malaussene tribe, there is something strange, mysterious or even suspicious, some would even say suspect. But if one looks closely, happiness reigns in this joyous chaotic family, even though the mother is regularly exploring new sexual partners and leaves her children, who have all different fathers home alone.
Fortunately, Benjamin Malaussene who is her eldest child and the sole earner of the family is constantly looking after his younger siblings. As a result life never gets boring for him. But when a series of mysterious incidents occur at work, the police and his co-workers become suspicious about his activities, and it becomes crucial for Benjamin to find out, who is staging this series of mysterious incidents that he always seems to be involved in.

Director :

Nicolas Bary, born in 1980, is a French director, screenwriter and producer. His first feature film was  “Les enfants de Timpelbach”. Nicolas Bary went to the ESRA film school and first worked as a trainee on the set of Tom Thumb”. He then continued working as a location manager on feature films such as  “La vie promise”, “Pas sur la bouche”, “Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autresr”, “Blueberry”, “La première fois que j'ai eu 20 ans”, “Alive”, “Narco” and “The Da Vinci Code”. He has also directed commercials. At the same time, he produced his first two short films “Fragile” and ”Before ...”, which served as a pilot for his first feature “Les enfants de Timpelbach” based on the novel by Henry Winterfeld. With the help of producer Dimitri Rassam, he shot a third short film “Judas”, starring Jean-Pierre Cassel, Delphine Serina and Roman Rondeau. His second feature film is "Au bonheur des ogres", based on the novel by Daniel Pennac.

  • Au bonheur des ogres, 2013
  • Les enfants de Timpelbach, 2008


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